"I've been going to Goddess Dance for one year.  I've lost 30 pounds and had to alter all my suits for work.  I love it.  It's great."  ~Goddess Krissy


"Goddess Dance Studio™  has helped me become more adventurous in life. I havehigher confidence and am more likely to try new things. I'm stronger and have better endurance. Thanks Goddess Dance Studio™!!"  ~ Goddess Kendra


"For me it's all about the shoes.  In reality they lift me up about six inches but, when I put them on I feel ten feet tall." ~Goddess Janet


"There are many things I can say that I have lost from coming toGoddess Dance - pounds, inches, and pant sizes but the things that I cherish most is what I have gained. I have gained friends, strength, flexibility but most of all my sense of self. I have a confidence now that no one can take away from me and that I enjoy that the most!  Muscle Strength is one thing but Strength of Self is the greatest accomplishment I have gained at Goddess Dance Studio™.~Goddess Kristy


"Well...Goddess Dance Studio™ has taught me to be proud of my ASSets.  Yes,  I do mean ASSets. I am learning to be less critical of myself and enjoy the body I am in."  ~Goddess Amy


”Goddess Dance Studio™ has given me not only confidence and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, but a place to make new friends.  My waist size has dropped 3 inches since I started 6 months ago and I plan to continue to do the same!  Thanks for all that they do.   They are so talented and such a wonderful instructors- they truly boost my confidence, the level of fun, and work us hard to receive great results.  Thank you!"       ~Goddess Jo Beth


"After doing the Ultimate Workout for just 4 1/2 months, I dropped 4 dress sizes!  The atmosphere is so comfortable and fun.  Goddess Dance Trainers really are the BEST.  Thank you ladies, you've really changed my life."  ~Goddess La Dona


"After a few weeks of taking classes at Goddess Dance Studio™, I became addicted.  I had joined a network of strangers that now feels like a "sisterhood".  It has unleashed something in me I never thought I possessed.  I’m doing things I didn’t think I could do and they continue to encourage me to do more.  My arms are much stronger, my moves are more graceful, but most importantly my confidence is OFF THE HOOK!"  ~Goddess Khandi


"I have found that pole fitness is great for my self esteem, my health, and my relationships. Never before have I experienced the kind of bonding that occurs in our classes where women are helping and encouraging each other while striving to improve their own talents in dance and fitness.  It is awkward at best to get in touch with the sensual part of yourself (at least for me), but these classes have made it possible for me to look myself square in the eye in a mirror for the first time ever, and venture to risk looking completely ridiculous in front of other people. There are not many opportunities we have as adults to attempt things that we don't do well; and those are just the sort of activities that keep our minds and bodies active as we age."           ~Goddess Sarah


"I've been going to Goddess Dance Studio™ for over a year now.  I knew that I REALLY loved going to classes when I got into a car accident this year and my doctor told me I sprained my ankle.  My first thought was "OMG what about my pole dancing classes!  I can't miss six weeks of pole dancing!"  Laughing.  I guess I just love coming that much."        ~Goddess Kellie 


"Taking classes at Goddess Dance has gave me a more positive outlook on things.  I’m less shy. I have more confidence and better posture (thank you Elizabeth)!  I’ve made a lot of new friends.  My clothes fit better; I’m stronger; and I finally can see my ab muscles!"  ~ Goddess Trish


"Pole class has enriched my life in more ways than i can ever count, it has helped lower my cholesterol - preventing me from having to go on medication, I redeveloped a friendship that had waned, as well as have made sooo many other very close and loving friends that have looked after and supported me in this very hard stressful year that i have had.  Pole has helped me develop muscles in my body that i have never seen before (lol), I carry myself better and with more self esteem and confidence than i ever have in my life. I feel beautiful and sexy - something i never felt or thought of myself.  Pole gave me this - I will always be a goddess, forever be thankful for everything it has brought to my life and i will always advocate pole dancing to everyone that i meet. I love my goddess girls!"     ~Goddess Zohra 


"Such a fun way to work out!!!" ~Goddess Sharon


"I'm so excited to be taking classes three times a week!! =)" ~Goddess Jessica F.


"Vanessa (MTP FRANCHISEE), everyone had a great time today!  Ashley was PHENOMENAL!!! She has a different teaching style that makes it so much fun." ~Goddess Cassandra


"Pole Dancin’ is empowering… Such a killer workout. I love it!" Goddess Leslie A."Pole Ftiness has me addicted! It helps me release all my stresses.  I thas also began to strengthen my arms & I can already tell a difference since I started in September.  My arms are thinning and toning.  I also love the dance routines and tricks.  Makes me feel Sexxxxy!" Goddess Sherry P.


"Pole makes me feel sexy & confident! It reduces my stress level & calms my nerves.  Not to mention, it’s the best workout I’ve ever had.  I’m addicted & want to learn more." Goddess Brittany H.


"At first, I was a shy, timid girl, unsure of my sensuality, and my ability to be girly.  But this studio has changed me in these few short weeks.  I cannot believe that a Tomboy like me would enjoy “shaking my butt”.  I have noticed that I walk taller, have more confidence, I have more muscle tone, and that I am 100% woman.  So watch out Mt. Pleasant- here comes the new me!  Thank you, Goddess Studio Y’all Rock!" Goddess Rose


"Pole dance has given me a great alternative to working out.  I’ve been an athlete all my life, but my upper body strength has improved so much more since dancing.  I’m ALWAYS HAPPY when I leave class.  The endorphins are absolutely amazing!  I’m addicted & love it!" Goddess  Gazelle (Lisa S.)


"Pole Fitness has helped increase my upper body strength and my coordination- both of which are my weak points." Goddess  Lisa P.


"Thanks to the wonderful women at Goddess Dance Studio!  I have so much fun and I love all the teachers!" ~Goddess Julie H.


"My class is AWESOME!!!!!! thanks ladies! :-)" Goddess Nicky S.


"I burned 943 calories in my class today!!!" Goddess Nortorious


"Class is always great.  None of my clothes are fitting because I've toned up so much!" Goddess Tanna


"Thanks GDS for a Great Workout!  I'm so excited to be back in pole class!!! :)"  Goddess Tammy


"Awesome Chair Vixen Class.!  It was a super fun workout!  I look forward to my sunday class every week!" Goddess Juliana


"...... thanks Goddess Dance Studio!  I always have such a great time!  I'm overcoming some insecurities and facing some fears while getting a much needed workout! muah...." Goddess Faith A.


"I love my Mt. Pleasant class with Cammie.  She is wonderful!" Goddess Parks


"After my Stretch & Flex class I've gained so much flexiblity.  This class is priceless and it only costs $25!  I love that!"  Goddess Ashley


"After not having a steady boyfriend ever, I joined Goddess.  I danced my weigh to losing my lunch lady arms in just one year and met the man of my dreams.  We got married last year and I owe it to GDS!" Goddess M


"I love my classes at GDS!  I have met the most amazing group of women that have held me accountable and I've gone from a size 24 to a size 12!! Finally!  It's great to know that there are people out there like these women.  They push you, hold you up and don't take crap." Goddess Jen


 "There isn't enough time in the day to say all the reasons I love Goddess Dance!  They love you.  They REALLY care. I met great people in class, work up sweats regularly and always look forward to wednesdays & thursdays!" Goddes Tasia


"When I came to Goddess, I needed a major change in my life.  My father had recently passed away. My love life was in shambles. My mental health was far from okay. Since being at Goddess, I've recovered from my loss (as best as possible), gained a new healthy man that loves me for who I am and found an enriching support group through Goddess." Goddess Meshia


"Thank you Elizabeth Pike & Goddess Dance Studio!! And I think I owe you and GDS for helping me bring my daughter into my life ♥." Goddess Joni


"These classes are the best thing I ever spent money on! Thank you so much ladies! You Rock my World!" Goddess Stephanie V


"I can barely walk today thanks to thursdays class!!"  Goddess Kim M


"I get really excited for my classes at Goddess Dance Studio.  I travel for work and I really miss the fun workouts while I'm away!"  Goddess D


"Great fun and exercise!" Goddess Betty


"I'm loving life after my classes at Goddess!  I found a pair of capri's that have not fit me in a long time and they are getting too big.  I have to have a BELT to hold them up.  Thanks Goddess Grrrls.  I LOVE YA!!!!!!!!" Goddess Abby


"Thank you ladies for helping me get my pre baby body back!!! Back into my 3's and LOVING it!!!!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!! Thank you!!!" Goddess Lizz


"I get so excited about my classes.  I have withdraws during the week! lol " Goddess L.A.


"As a long-time student of Goddess Dance Studio in Hanahan, I can say that this is an excellent investment for anyone interested in a fun, fitness-related dance experience. The instructors are wonderful women who not only look out for the girls, but are willing to share their knowledge and passion about the art of pole dancing. I highly recommend anyone curious about pole dancing to take a class at one of the Goddess Dance Studios. You don't need any experience in dance or gymnastics - they'll teach anyone willing to learn!"  Goddess Jennifer C.


"Love love love this place and the instructors..... hearts to them!" Goddess Jessica


"Greatest workout EVER!"  Goddess Lillie


"Great workout!!!!!!"  Goddess Martin


"These girls are amazing!  What they have done to my body through pole leaves me happy to look in the mirror!" Goddess Johnnie


"Goddess Dance Studio is such a fun way to work out!" Goddess Sharron


"Tuesdays & Thursdays are my favorite days of the week.  Why?  GODDESS!  Thanks to Mt. Pleasant for any awesome workout this Spring!" Goddess KC


"The trainers are super-fly!  Thanks for all that yall do!" Goddess H


"Classes on tuesdays are great!!! I can't wait to go again and again and again!" Goddess Megan


"as usual: soooooooooooo much fun!  Happy happy face!" Goddess C


"I have the BEST time in class!!!!  The teachers are AWESOME!!!!! They make me feel like I can achieve anything!!!!!" Goddess E. L.


"I have a blood disease that effects my circulation and my doctors encouraged me to try to find an activity that could help me get more active.  So I started walking, but the problem is by the time I got 3 houses down from my house my ankles would become so swollen I'd have to take a break before I could walk back home. I found GDS in August of 2011 and started taking classes with Michelle.  She's been so patient with me. I had surgery a year ago to help with my disease and had to go in for my annual check up.  The doctors were so impressed with my recovery here recently that they were very interested in knowing what I was doing differently. When I told them I'd been taking pole dancing classes at GDS, they told me to keep it up b/c my health is showing significant signs of improvement.  Now I can make it through an entire 50 minute fitness class without feeling winded or becoming swollen.  Thank you Goddess Dance!"  ~Goddess Michalle


"I have struggled to gain weight my whole life.  In July of 2011 I started taking pole classes and weighed 101 pounds.  In the four months since I've been at GDS, I've gained 15 pounds of muscles and I've NEVER had muscles before!" ~Goddess Sandy


"Since I've had the privledge of working with the Goddessess out in Summerville, I've gained more confidence than I've ever had.  My husband even tells me that we've had the best sex here recently.  GDS has saved my life, my marriage and my self esteem." ~Goddess Tee

"After joining the Spring into Fitness class I lost 27 inches!" Goddess Stacy

"soooooo, after my workouts i don't know how i'm going to make it through another hour without thinking about how long before me next class!!!!! wheeeew!"  Goddess Elizabeth K.


"I love that I feel sore after my classes!  Thanks GDS!" Goddess Elizabeth E.


"I just want to say THANK YOU!  The trainers are the best teachers ever!  They have given me the confidence and self esteem to wear a Halloween costume this year! All I have to say is d*** I look good!" Goddess Leilani


"After my first class I became addicted!  That was in April of 2007!  I'm still going strong and feel like I'm in better shape now then I was in my 20's!" Goddess Natalie


"I took classes from GDS for 2 years before I had to move to VA b/c my husband is in the military.  Afte I found a pole studio here and started taking classes the studio owner asked me to be her head instructor b/c I was better than all the rest of her staff!"  Goddess Kat


"I'm in the military and was stationed in Charleston. I found GDS in my last year there and wished I had found it sooner b/c those women are wonderful.  My time spent there was amazing.  I've never seen such a place that encourages friendships, support and challenges like the women at GDS!" Goddess Netta


"I love going to GDS so much!  I so wish I could do it everyday, ,but you know, life gets in the way! LOL, but I am SERIOUSLY considering moving in if they'd let me! Thanks Goddess Dance!" Goddess Rachel


"I danced my way to becoming part of GDS's 11%!  LOL!  I think they should offer patches!  No for real, I tried invitro b/c my husband and I had been trying to concieve for years.  $12k later, no luck.  After being at Goddess, they taught me to relax and feel good in my own skin.  Two months later ---> I became pregnant!  I danced until I was 7.5 months along.  I gave birth to our little bundle of joy in March and was back at GDS in four months.  Thank you GDS for making my family's dreams come true!" Goddess S


"I had such a fun time pole dancing with the Goddesses that when they offered SURF TEAM, I couldn't resist.  They were so patient and knowledgeable, I learned to surf in just 4 classes! Thanks Elizabeth!  I have a special place in my heart for you forever!"  Goddess Brandy


"One word: AWESOME!" Goddess Samantha


"For the record, Elizabeth, my sides muscles are still sore as hell after our PT.  It has been 2 days.... you are excellent!" Goddess Ashleigh


"Wow!  I'm really taken back and overjoyed!  Thank you Goddesses for this amazing opportunity and for all the inspiration, motivation, and encouragement you've given me during my time at GDS! I've truly enjoyed taking your classes and I've grateful you selected me for membership!" Goddess Jax


"Totally enjoyed my SB Workshop on Sunday! Elizabeth is great! I am so rusty from being out of shape for over a year." Goddess W


"I have a great time in my classes!  I love these girls!  Goddess Girl for LIFE!" Goddess Pam V.


"I have so much fun at GDS.  I've been going for over 3 years and am coming up on my "poleversary" in two months!  I can't believe it! Time flies when you're having fun!" Goddess Mel


"I have so much at GDS! They really get you to sweat AND bring the HOTTNESS!" Goddess Angela


"Thanks... none of my pants fit now..  :)" Goddess Valerie


"Thanks Goddesses for helping me lose 11.5 inches in just 6 weeks! I can't wait for another round of classes!" Goddess Sam


"My holiday pics from the photo shoot are awesome! Thanks so much GDS!" Goddess Jodi


"Thought I'd share: stats: 1 year, -11lbs, -28 inches, -8 pant sizes (express 10 to 2), -stress, +flexibility, 6 mo. maintained. No more arm jello or butt dimples and lots of fun!" Goddess Stephanie


"Goddess Dance Studio needs to add "heals fibromyalgia" to their list of acheivements.  I've been battling fibromyalgia for years.  Every month I go to a physical therapist and since I've been going to GDS (aprx 6 months) my fibromyalgia has become nearly nonexistant!!  I can't begin to express how happy I feel now.  I never thought I'd feel this good.  My physical therapist and doctor encourage me to keep up with my pole classes due to the profound healing results.  Thank you Goddess Dance Studio!"  Goddess S.




" I have had such a Fun time with the wonderful women of Goddess Dance!" Goddess Julie


"I have NEVER had the balls to wear a bikini being a heavier set woman for most of my teenage years and 20's.  I spent a year and a half at Goddess going 3x's a week and now.... I'm actually in a bikini. FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!  Granted, I feel naked in it but OMG I feel so beautiful and free too!  Thank you Thank YOU!  Your teachers will never know the extent of how much they have touched my life, helped me change my bad lazy habits and gave me inner joy."  Goddess P


"Awesome classes ladies!! My abs hurt after my classes!!! =-) " Goddess Nicky


"I burn an average of 940 calories per class! =) " Goddess Collier


"I have a wonderful time workin out at Goddess.  I enjoy working out with all my new friends too!  Thanks GDS!" Goddess Tanna


"Awesome chair vixen classes!  Super fun workouts." Goddess Juliana


"An awesome place to sweat yourself healthy!" Goddess Justine


"After 3 months of trying to get to the top I FINALLY DID! Yep, this girl got to the top of a 22 foot pole.  All i had to do was squeeze, grab and climb!!!!  Thank you to all the wonderful teachers at Goddess Dance Studio.  I feel stronger and more courageous!"  Goddess L


"Ladies, you are missing out on the best time and the most fun you ever have! This makes you bring out your inner sexiness into full swing!! This is the only place that I've been consistent in going to work out."  Goddess Leilani


"Aerial Hoop classes are phenominal!  Thank you to the talented Goddess Elizabeth!  She is brillant at breaking down manuevers for women of all levels of awkwardness! LoL I recommend this experience to everyone!!!!" Goddess JW


"I just wanna say thanks for giving me the confidence to get back in a bikini after MANY years of a 'that's never gonna happen' mindset!" Goddess B


"I want to give a big SHOUT OUT to the women of GDS.  Without them, I wouldn't have a home away from home since I'm not from here.  I've found so many supportive friends here and LOVE IT!" Goddess Lynn


"Everytime I have a bad day and come here, I always leave feeling better.  I've been to other places here in town and always felt like they were judging me but then I found Goddess and now feel like they are improving me.  BIG Difference!"  Goddess Les


"Coming to Goddess was the best move I've ever made.  It took me a year before I had the courage to go inside the Summerville Goddess but then once I got inside and saw what it was all about I was mad at myself for taking so long.  All the staff are friendly, encouraging and never let me lose sight of why I'm there: to get rid of my fat!  I've lost 22 inches, dropped from a size 20 to a size 14!!  I started Goddess in August of 1012 and look forward to being a lifer!"  Goddess B




At Goddess Dance Studio™, we are concerned about the inside just as much as the physical outside.  True happiness comes from within and our trainers have the means to help you achieve your personal best goals while inspiring you to see yourself with a more positive light. 


Are you seeking a change?  


Most places promise you change and don't deliver. At Goddess Dance Studio™, we deliver!  We encourage.  We'll push you to reach your goals because we care about helping you change from the inside out.  We call when you don't show for your class to help you stay focused.  We understand how hard it can be to handle real life changes and we're here to help!


Don't hesitate, pick up the phone.....  843.452.9427 !


What women have said about Goddess Dance Studio: