Since 2006.....



Goddess Dance Studio (TM) has been leading the way in pole dancing classes in Charleston, SC.  Sure we weren't the first pole dancing company in the World, we were the twelfth but we're not content to stop there.  Since we were established, we've focused on innovation, style, safety and putting passion to work.  We're home of the "Hanging Goddess", "Elbow stands", and the "Russian Mount".  We pioneered ballet with pole and we were the first to offer a pole camp.  And if you've ever Googled "pole dancing class" our pictures are always right at the top, you know how good we are at making things long lasting and catchy.  Our staff and clientele have gone on to open businesses and work at other pole  studios across the country demonstrating that at Goddess Dance Studio, we set the foundation for strength, pole know-how & passion.


We'd love for our original passion to carry through to the women that we host in our pole dancing classes as well.  We're all about harnessing the passion and potential of our clients from beginners to advanced and helping them become they best they can be: spiritually, physically and emotionally.


Please join us .  Our studio  will help strengthen your body while building bonds with other women that are sure to last a lifetime.  When you get here, we'll be ready to make your grips better, your spins flyer and your body tighter.  And we'll have a lot of fun while we're at it! 


We are tucked away in the quiet College Park Shopping Center on the corner of Hwy 78 and College Park Road.  The studio is located in the shopping center right before the Fairgrounds.  Our College Park Shopping Center has a Burger King out front with a Fred's store directly behind it.  We are located on the opposite side of the plaza in between the church and the Berkeley County Locksmith.


Goddess Dance Studio features static and spinning poles, two different kinds of aerial silks, 2 different aerial hoop sizes and many class options including CanCan, Belly Dancing, Chair Dancing, Sensual Floor Grooves, Barre, Ballet & Pole, Polga  & TwerkShop.

Goddess Dance Studio

121"J" College Park Rd

Ladson, SC 29456

(843) 452-9427


Mailing Address

PO Box 50141

Summerville, SC  29485