Corporate Policies

All clients must read and adhere to the guidelines mandated by GDS which are published in the official Goddess Dance Studio™ Handbook.  Upon registration, Handbooks are available for clients at the reception desk.  These guidelines are set in place to help ensure that everyone (both customers and staff) have the best atmosphere to dance in as possible.

Dress Code Policy

Solid colored tank tops with no printed patterns with solid black bottoms.

Another option includes wearing the Goddess Dance™ Pole Meet Uniforms.


High Heel Dance Shoes, Ballet Slippers, Sneakers or Socks    




Acro Pole Dancing Classes are encouraged to wear solid color sports bras and dance shorts.  Ballet pole dancing class requires a black leotard, tutu (your choice in colors) & ballet slippers. 


We enforce a pole dancing class dress code because it is a means of identifying ourselves openly with the principles to which we are committed-character development, aerial training, and physical and mental understanding of pole. Safety and building confidence is paramount at GDS.


Refund Policy

No refunds* for tuition of pole dance class sessions will be made after the date that is two weeks prior to the start of a session. Payments are good for the current session only.  No refunds nor exchanges are permitted for discounted purchases or services.


No refunds nor exchanges on merchandise nor Photo Shoots.  Photo Sessions are nontransferable.  All Sales Final.


*Refund exceptions: Medical Excuses or Moving.  Medical excuses require a written notice from a local licensed physician that states the client is unable to do any physical activity, not limited to, but including stretching, beginners dance for perpetuity. Moving requires the client to have moved over 50 miles of the studio and a copy of the client's new lease needs to be forwarded in hard copy to the studio via certified mail.  The lease must include the client's name as the leaser.  Refunds will be made available within 30 - 60 days of written notice.   Refunds issued must be picked up and claimed within two weeks.  After that, the refund check will expire.    

Pole Reservation Policy

Pole dancing classes are first come, first served. If you fail to show for your reserved space, you forfeit your class credit.   Classes start promptly. If you are not at your pole when class begins, your pole will be forfeited to the next person on the list.  


Basic Studio Policy



Please do not touch the mirrors.  Please do not touch the stereos.  If you break something, you bought it!  We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason.


No one is allowed to leave alone.  Have someone watch you walk out to your car.  It is our pleasure to keep you safe.




Weight Limits:  

Static Poles- 600 lbs.

Spinning Poles - 300 lbs.

Aerial Hoop - 185 lbs.

Aerial Silks - 185lbs.


Missed Class Policy
If you must miss a class, it is your responsibility to make it up within 2 weeks of the expiration of your workshop. You can attend any other class in your level or lower, as long as you are currently registered and there is enough room in class. You must call the studio or sign out online at least 3 hours before the pole dancing class you will miss. If you do not call in or sign out online 6 hours in advance, you will forfeit the opportunity to make up that class.


Unlimited class packages do not offer make up classes.  Unlimited packages offer you the opportunity to attend as many pole dancing classes & express classes as you can in a six week time period.


Doctor's notes are required for all other rescheduled/missed classes.  

Lost/Stolen Items Policy

Goddess Dance Studio™ and it’s employees are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.



No outside photography nor videography (this includes selfies).  If you want a keepsake memory, please sign up for your Pole Portraiture Photo Shoot.  All Photos and videos taken inside Goddess Dance Studio™ will remain property of Goddess Dance, Inc. 


Confidentiality Policy

Supportive Encouragement is paramount.


Confidentiality about your “classmates” participation is mandatory.  Tell many women about the fun you have here but not about whom or what happens in our classes.  The Goddess Dance Studio clientele list is to be held strictly confidential and is considered property of Goddess Dance Studio. Any shared information of the Goddess Dance, Inc. trade secrets can cause damages.


Pole Class Policy

Show ability, not Show Off.  Drinking containers must have lids or caps.  We prefer that you use refillable water bottles to help decrease plastic trash.



TARDINESS IS NOT PERMITTED.  Failure to arrive on time for class puts you at risk for having a poor warm up and stretch which then puts you at risk for injury.